ratchet (plural ratchets)

  1. A pawl, click, or detent, for holding or propelling a ratchet wheel, or ratch, etc.
  2. A mechanism composed of a ratchet wheel, or ratch, and pawl.
  3. A wrench, implementing a ratchet mechanism, usually used with a set of sockets

7 letters in word "ratchet": A C E H R T T.

Anagrams of ratchet:

Words found within ratchet:

ace acer ach ache acre act ae ah ar arc arch are aret arett art at ate att car care caret cart carte cat cate cater cert ch cha char chare charet chart chat che cheat cher chert crate ea each ear earth eat eath ech echt eh er era et eta etat etch eth ha hae haet hare hart hat hate hater hatter he hear heart heat her het race rach rache rachet rah rat ratch rate rath rathe re reach react rec recta reh ret retch rhea ta tace tacet tach tache tact tae tahr tar tare tart tat tate tater tath te tea teach tear teat tech tecta tehr tet teth tetra thae thar that the theca theta thrae threat trace tract trat treat tret